I asked this beautiful woman to explain the recent miracle in her son’s life. She is working on that story and instead sent me this, which I had ‘almost’ forgotten. Made me cry again. Thank you.

About 14 years ago after giving birth to my second son I noticed when he was of the age to sit with help, he would always tip over to the side. Things didn’t get any better, I started to notice that he was bent to one side all the time. I called the pediatrician and took him in. They told me it was a good thing I noticed it.

We immediately went for x-rays (scoliosis screening). They measured the curve between T2 & L1 at 15°, centered at T9. I was told a curvature of this degree and at his age would require a lot of medical attention until he stopped growing (which at this point would be about 18 years). I was scared and devastated.

The doctor told me he had never seen this much curvature at such a young age. At this point he proceeded to tell us that they were worried about him having a tumor or some underlying problem. We took him to a medical center to have an MRI done to see what was going on.

In the middle of all this I told Melissa what was going on and she told me not to worry. She would take care of him. After having the MRI we were told there were no tumors or anything else. We would need to deal with the scoliosis and talk about what would happen in the near future.

All I could think of was that he would not be able to sit on his own or possibly never be able to walk. We were told we had to take him for x-rays every month. And Melissa was still telling me not to worry.

For all of you that had Melissa touch your lives for whatever the reasons, you probably already know how things worked out. Within less than 2 to 3 months he was sitting and we were told there was no curvature of his spine.

“I am pain-free. I got my life back.”

Sharing an experience from Christina, from her 7-day personal intensive…

“In February of this year I was in bad shape.  I had been in an abusive relationship for 8 years.  My divorce had been finalized in the fall and shortly thereafter my little body just began to shut down, as if I had been in so much pain for so long I didn’t know how to live without it. I had taken up running essentially to stay alive, and needed it to feel whole, but I couldn’t run away anymore.  I was crippled with fear of weight gain after losing almost 100 lbs a decade earlier.  Without my workout regimen how could I keep control?  My entire body was in pain.  I felt the pain in every joint.  I couldn’t run, take yoga, take care of my two young children, or even get out of bed for that matter.  I had ulcerative stomach pain that had me in the bathroom for hours every day.  I had X-rays that confirmed I had no cartilage left in my kneecaps.  The pain brought me to tears almost every day.  I wanted to get up and get on with my life.  I had interviewed for the job of my dreams, a job I had wanted for three years and applied for 4 months earlier and took every action possible to align my life so I could get it. I had excellent insurance and sought the help of the best doctors I had access to.  I saw orthopedists, physical therapists, rheumatologists, and homeopaths. In the course of 3 months I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, TMJ,  Fibromyalgia, and high ANA count indicative of Lupus.  I was prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, heavy pain meds and physical therapy, none of which helped or even was practical.  Everything seemed like a band-aid prescribed to hold back the Hoover Dam.  I was sent for test after test that didn’t give cures or treatment options, just more unanswered questions.  Just leaving the house to get poked by more doctors was excruciating.

When I called Melissa I had explored every option modern medicine had provided me with.  I was desperate and out of options.  She could see over the phone from across the country that my entire body was inflamed and my stomach was covered with ulcers.  She recommended flying out to California for a 7 day intensive.  I knew it would be a huge undertaking since I would have to arrange care for my kids and knew the travel would be very taxing on my already stressed body.  I also trusted Melissa and knew if she said this was the best way, it was absolutely necessary.  Since I needed my body to be able to start fresh and go on with my life for myself and my children I knew I had no choice.

The plane ride was almost more than I could take.  My knees throbbed all the way from CT to CA, but I knew it would be worth it.  As soon as I pulled up the driveway to Melissa’s tranquil home in the hills I felt her healing energy beginning to course through me and the warm sun beginning to sooth my aching body.  Melissa’s work was a combination of ceremonies to confront and release the pain and baggage I had carried on my shoulders and in my heart for years, breaking down of old patterns and practices of allowing  others come into my heart and my space and hurt me whether it be physically, emotionally, or with my own expectations, and healing energy sessions.  Melissa could send me energy while I was napping across the house, cleansing in the tub, or relaxing in the pool.

By the weeks end I had let go of all my own limitations and the pain that I hid behind for so long.  I was offered the job above the dream job I had been waiting for and received word while I was in the last day of my healing journey.  I came home to my family and watched my life transform into a life better than any I had ever dreamed of.  Over the past five months since I have been home from my healing journey in California I have watched all the limitations I put on myself fall away.  I have watched all of my dreams come true before my eyes and I have shed the fear of dreaming bigger and reaching higher.  I have been pain free since my return home and have resumed many of my favorite activities and the pressure I put on myself no longer has a space in my life.  If I want to go for a run, I do.  If I want to eat ice cream instead I do.  The beauty of it is that I haven’t gained a pound.  Melissa took me out of survival mode and healed me from the inside out.  She taught me how to love myself first the way I loved my children.  She gave me my life back.  For that I will always be eternally grateful.”


Romeo and Transformation

Romeo and I

Romeo and I

Who knew that the prompting to write my first blog ever would come from Romeo? No surprise to those who know me, I guess, as Romeo, aka my little shaman dog, is well know in my healing circles because he has been helping me with clients and ceremonies for 6 years. He usually is sunning himself (yes I live in CA) while I phone with distant clients. In-person clients really need his attention, especially if they are new. One may find him curled up in the leather chair normally reserved for the client and he lays on the healing table once they leave (his logic, not mine). Regular in-person clients get his normal greeting but he trusts me enough to not goof up the process and to take care of them myself.

His more amazing gift is companionship in ceremony. He greets everyone individually as they arrive and makes sure everyone is OK. If there is something I missed energetically (especially on a long day), he is usually seen coming up to the mesa and standing between me and the person until we see what is going on. Then he is happy. He comes to the mesa for his mapacho or copal cleanse and then takes his nap close by. By the way, these are only his amazing qualities as my shamanic friend.

He has taught me so much about the heaviness of anger, coming from a dog who was fought and very aggressive in his life prior to being a loved member of the family. He teaches me that life is easier and more joyful when one can shed the past and live happily and easily in this moment. It is of no surprise that his critical incident which came at a time that can only be divinely orchestrated is my biggest prompting to live all that I teach.

Since the rather intense and amazingly transformative energies of this Easter, I personally lost my home, some other very precious foundational things, had another treatment of stem cell therapy in Mexico and then 2 days after that a rattlesnake comes straight up to my friend and I (on my patio) and Romeo intervenes and is now fighting for his life.

I felt as if I was really doing the “work” and finding my balance, being in my knowing and really challenging myself on how not to resort to old patterns until Romeo got bit. I never recognized this as a dark night with all its devastation, dreams of tidal waves and fire, and clearing everything in my life via machete (yes, a bit dense at times) until midnight on Monday when the Dr. delivered the heavy news about Romeo. He was already in treatment for 36 hours and he was unresponsive.

I felt as if the last dam within me broke and the heartache was felt right down through the center of mother earth.

I am learning so many things about myself and my reality right now. The few that I would love to share right now as I wait to see Romeo follow:

  • The Divine which is in me and around me is WITH me through all the chaotic manifestations of my reality.
  • Trust in the above-mentioned Divine is not a plea or hope but an underlying stability and foundation that even the greatest heartache can not diminish. It can only strengthen and grow.
  • I asked (on Easter) for a deeper sense and connection to “community spirit.” Little did I know how that would be answered and shown to me, yet it has exploded. It showed up first through ceremony with friends and now more brilliantly through the love and prayers from friends, family, connections from past and present and even from friends of friends that I have never met.
  • The only path to freedom and possibility must include letting go without resistance to all that no longer aligns with me in this new moment. That the lies I tell myself about what sustains me (outside of me) is the only thing that keeps me realizing my own infinite self, my sacred divinity and my miraculous creativity. Same for everyone.

Rattlesnake is the strongest symbol of shamanic death, letting go of the old, transformation, transmutation into greater compassion and wisdom. I will not ignore all that is being presented to me as an offering into a new way of being – the same that is being offered to everyone on the planet today, in this moment, in our own personal ways.

I will continue to let go. I will continue to see miracles in everything around me. I will continue to see my fellows as sacred and divine. I will continue to see this planet and all that it presents to me as precious. I will continue to help others in their own transformation. I will continue to offer myself as a rising vibration on this planet in order to contribute to the new; not align in unconsciousness and habits to strengthen the old, heavier vibrations.

With all humility and love, I will continue to ask for the wholeness of my precious little buddy Romeo from the heart of “Thy will be done.” I continue to ask for your prayers, light and love for him. And, I hold each of you in my heart as new possibilities, abundance, love, miracles and grace enter your lives gently and easily bringing joy and peace.