My name is Morgan Kalani. I have been helping people transform ‘what isn’t working for them’ for over 17 years. I stepped into my gift through an awakening from a serious illness and continue to learn and expand my own wholeness everyday.

One of the first steps in transforming our reality is understanding how past traumas and self-limiting beliefs can create physical disease, relationship issues, feelings of lack, anxieties and depressions.

Together, we can quickly uncover the source of these imbalances, encouraging the release of the unhealthy attachments to debilitating patterns resulting in healing, peace and a wonderful, new sense of freedom.

Subconsciously, the pain or limiting behavior in our lives may have been created to actually protect us from getting hurt again. So it is with gratitude and celebration that we can quickly find these deeply rooted beliefs and easily dissolve them, inviting a reconnection to our inner wisdom and healing in a way that is uplifting, balanced and self-empowering.

Sessions are conducted via phone or in person. Each session is unique and spiritual in nature. As a client, you define your objective or goal and I will work with you to address the underlying energies creating the condition. As blocked energies, emotions, and thought patterns are cleared, balance returns to the body, mind and emotions. Balanced energy and raised frequencies allow transformation to occur quickly and naturally.